Feature launches, bug fixes, changelog and more.

  1. A Heartfelt Thanks to Our Beta Testers, A Retrospective on Our New Mobile App, and A Sneak Peek Into What’s Coming Soon!


    Thank You Beta Testers!


    As we approach our upcoming launch of the new mobile app, we at CellarTracker want to express our gratitude to this community for the invaluable role you've played in shaping the new app experience. Your keen insights, passionate feedback, and unwavering support have been top of mind throughout our development process. With your input, we have a new, modern, responsive, and user-friendly mobile experience that retains the spirit of what makes CellarTracker special.


    We plan to continue relying on the wisdom of the community to guide future improvements to CellarTracker. We will continue using as our primary forum for collecting, organizing, and communicating about product feedback from the community. We value your contributions to this platform tremendously and are committed to building in public with you all.


    Retrospective on Our New Mobile App


    We’re so excited about launching the new app! Here are some of the biggest reasons why:

    - Streamlined add and consume bottle flows with beautiful search results

    - Flexible cellar exploration with new sorting and filtering support

    - Easy access to community wine recommendations and reviews on Home and Activity screens


    The product has come a long way in the last year, thanks to your feedback. And we’re incredibly excited about how much better CellarTracker will get over the next 10 years with your help 😍


    Sneak Peek Into What’s Coming Soon


    While we're thrilled about our upcoming launch, we're equally excited about what the future holds. We're keenly aware that some important suggestions are not available yet. We want you to know that your voices have not been lost. Here are a few major features you've been vocal about that are on our roadmap, coming your way soon:


    Streamline accept delivery, relocate, and undrink with re-designed wine cards

    Streamline accept delivery, relocate, and undrink with re-designed wine cards

    Include bottle details, consumption history, location, pro scores, and more in a re-designed wine details screen

    Include bottle details, consumption history, location, pro ratings, and more with re-designed wine details


    We also have some small improvements in the works that collectively will make a big difference.

    - Remember the member’s last camera mode (label vs barcode)

    - Support autocomplete when a member adds/edits a bottle, purchase, or consumption note field

    - Add sorting and filtering to global search

    - Aggregate collection list cards into a single card per wine name

    - Browse label images from search results


    Lastly, we aim to work on a compact view of the collection list wine cards, coming soon.



  2. Welcome to our new space for community-centric product building! 👋


    Welcome! We are delighted to introduce our new space for sharing feedback, voting on ideas, viewing product plans, and more! With this space, we aim to ensure CellarTracker is shaped by our community and to be transparent about our plans. We hope this fosters more engagement between our community and the CellarTracker team resulting in a better product for all!


    How to get involved

    Our new feedback platform enables you to submit and vote on ideas related to new features, existing features, bugs, and more. Sign up to create an account and receive updates on any ideas you submit.

    1. Sign up for a frill account 🔌
    2. Search for, comment on, and upvote existing ideas from other users ⬆️
    3. Submit new feedback ✅


    Feature implementation process

    All new feedback added will undergo the following process as a means of ensuring and maintaining a high standard of quality.


    1. 📝 Suggestion: Feedback is submitted to the feedback page.
    2. ✅ Voting: If an idea becomes popular it will be considered by the CellarTracker team.
    3. 🤔 Consideration: The CellarTracker team then explores feedback for suitability, timing, and value.
    4. 🗓️ Planning: Approved feedback is researched and an execution plan is created and shared.
    5. 📏 Design: Our designers explore the best implementation and create a prototype.
    6. 🚧 Design validation: The design improves with each iteration of internal review and usability testing.
    7. 🔧 Development: After development, the feature is launched into a beta environment.
    8. 🚧 Beta and usability testing: The new feature is tested again by the CellarTracker team and a handful of users to find and eliminate any bugs and make final improvements.
    9. 🚀 Launch: After the final stage of testing, the new feature is released publicly. This includes preparing marketing assets, writing guides, and updating our docs.


    Please keep in mind that the CellarTracker team uses many inputs to decide whether to work on a given idea. Know that not every idea will be worked and we hope you'll trust that we have the community's best interests in mind as we make prioritization decisions.